Bike to the Beach New England Charity Ride

October 1, 2013

Benjamin Dalley founded Xebec Enterprises, Inc., in Washington, D.C., in order to provide business and real estate consulting services throughout the area. Previously, Ben Dalley gained entrepreneurial experience through a variety of restaurants and other business endeavors. Benjamin Dalley also assisted with the launch of Bike to the Beach, Inc., where he continues to serve as the operations and development director.

Each year, Bike to the Beach holds a charity bicycle ride in New England to support the efforts of the nonprofit organization Autism Speaks. The ride begins in Boston and finishes in Newport, Rhode Island. Individuals who cannot participate in the ride can contribute through donations of any amount. One 9-year-old girl donated $2 to the organization and accompanied it with a letter that related how important she considered the contribution due to the fact that she has a sister with autism.

Bike to the Beach has several such events each year in various locations across the country in order to benefit autism awareness and research. The organization, which maintains its headquarters in the Washington, D.C., area, aims to involve volunteers across the country in working toward physical and mental health through its fundraising events.


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