Long involved in the Washington, D.C., community, Benjamin Dalley helped establish the 501(c)(3) charity Bike to the Beach (B2B). The inspiration for the annual fundraising event was an extended bike ride Benjamin Dalley took with his friend Joey to Bethany Beach, Delaware, in 1999. The following year, the pair was joined by a third member, with participants in the annual challenge expanding consistently over the years.

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In 2007, five core members joined together in establishing B2B as an official charitable organization. In particular, they sought to align their community-focused group with autism awareness building efforts. At the time, autism was an emerging area of national interest and funds raised initially went to Cure Autism Now (now part of Autism Speaks). Expanded beyond Washington, D.C., to include a New York ride in 2010 and a Boston ride in 2012, Bike to the Beach continues to raise significant funds, with Autism Speaks its primary beneficiary.